When beginning a construction project, it's best to have a handle on two critical variables that will effect the final outcome:  Goals & Costs. 

Sometimes these can be translated as Quantity vs. Quality, and it's important that you have your priorities set from the beginning.  When there is a shift in the goals or program for the project, or when the overall budget is increased or decreased, the design process takes a dramatic turn that can ultimately cost the owner additional design fees and valuable time.  We prefer to clarify the goals and costs at the start of a project to ensure insasmuch as possible that time and energy are respected on the part of the entire design, construction, and ownership team.

We are asked frequently about costs for remodeling projects of various types.  This site contains comprehensive data pertaining to remodels by type in particular regions and cities, with descriptions as to the level of finish out provided.

Houzz is a great resource for both goals and costs and has a great article for remodeling that you can review here: How Much Does A Remodel Cost & How Long Does It Take?

As for specific costs, it is imperative to interview builders you are interested in partnering with for your project and understand the approximate cost per square foot or range of costs they may anticipate for your project scope, in combination with the level of quality construction provided.  Most current construction costs for new construction range from about $150-$250 per square foot for a nice family home of the caliber that you can find on our website. 

Regarding project goals, we require all clients to fill out our Client Survey prior to any design discussions.  Together with the understanding of the level of quality (costs), we can begin to formulate designs tailored to your goals.